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Has Anybody Ever Had A Weird Fatigue Increase W/o Orthostatic Symptoms?


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I feel really strange. I've been markedly more fatigued over this past week, very low energy. Everytime I go out to do something I feel like a blanket of tiredness and especially a mental fog.

I don't think I've really experienced something this extensive with my POTS before, and I'm really worried about it.

What's so weird is I don't actually have any dizziness or orthostatic/POTSey symptoms. Just this dense fatigue that I feel unsure about whether it will go.

Has anyone ever had this happen? Did you find out why? Did you get your baseline energy back, or did it stay that way?

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This is exactly what I'm going through right now except sometimes feel a little dizzy/ rocking back and forth feeling. So fatigued I can barely move. My muscles feel so weak I feel like I have the flu or something. My head weighs a ton but my standing heart rate has been in the 80s-90s which is amazing for me. I just don't understand this illness it's so confusing. My right hand usually always tingles a little now my left is tingling too and both my legs are tingling

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I too have had fatigue that seems to come on out of the blue, typically it will come one day and last for a few days before I feel more "normal" again. For me it hasn't lasted as a daily problem, but I will have days here and there where I carry around the feeling of being exhausted from the moment I get up to when I go to sleep at night. Again it seems to happen randomly and runs its course over a few days before dissipating.

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