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Are you still around Tearose?


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Guest tearose

Hi family!

I am not in a potshole! Thank you for thinking of me.

I don't multitask as well as I use to and I had to pull together a graduation party for my youngest son on Saturday. I have not been able to visit here in a while, I am sorry!. I am now in recovery mode. It took weeks to plan the big celebration in our home and I wanted to be real careful not to burn myself out! Amazingly, I managed fine and yesterday I was finally able to nap four times and begin to build my strength up again!

This experience was more manageable because I finally remembered to do the things that I have learned from previous disasters! :D

I squished into my compression faithfully and kept hydrated. I also drank those kid packets of electrolytes in grape flavor. I kept my calm and asked for help. I even "hired" someone to help the day of the party. I figured I would rather spend $200 on hired help then spend two months in bed recovering!!!

Now I am planning a tag sale and wondering again if I can work a part time job...I always worry about finances and medical coverage.

If I can manage a party with accommodations, can I find a job???

I also emailed my disability attorney about my appeal.

I'll take any suggestions you have.

With two kids in college in September I must do something to bring in income because I don't want to have to move out of this handicap equip house!


love, tearose

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Tearose, it is so good to hear that you have been busy doing something so rewarding (and not in the potshole). It certainly sounds like you used all your past experiences to know how to plan for the party so that you would still be able to enjoy it yourself. Congrats!

Wow, 2 kids in college. I can understand your interest in looking for something to do part time but I really hope that your attorney can get your appeal on the fast track. And, that you get approved.

good to see you back.

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hey tea!

thanks so much for checking in with us and letting us know that you are not in the POTShole...i was so worried...i knew you would be away while you planned, had the party, and now recup, but i just kept hoping it was going well and not wearing you out so much that you couldn't enjoy it! i am grateful for the good news...i will rest easier now! :D take care, and nap for me while you're at it...k? rest up, rest up, recup, recup, and check in with us when you are ready again...until then...i am so grateful that you were able to enjoy the time with your family! there will be plenty of time for 'computing' later...but not another graduation party to be had! :) hugs, em

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Hi Tearose,

I am really happy that things are relatively going well for you. This is pretty smart to hire someone to help you out so that you don't crash.

Congradulation at organizing and having fun at the party.

I would fight to get the pension.


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Hey Tea,

Just wanted to let you know I've noticed your absence as well and was wondering if you were doing okay. Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself and not over doing it. (Sounds like you're working smarter, not harder! :D )

Look forward to seeing you back on the board soon.



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Guest tearose

Thank you all!

I am enjoying a "lessening" of some symptoms and I am able to do a little more in my day. I think this handicap/ no step ranch home is also helping me manage! ( and napping helps!)

I am glad I am still able to function just one week after that party! I wish I could say it was strength that was going to last a looong time. I always try to eek out just a little more daily activity.

For those who have been interested in my SSDI process...my attorney said he now thinks the appeal is not going to be in my favor because I earned "more" than a disabled person usually makes...even though the former employer explained that he hired extra help and made other accommodations.

I'm taking things slow and will see how things develop over the next few weeks.

take care all, tearose

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