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Merry Christmas To All And Rats


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Hope everyone is doing as well as they possibly can. I don't know what I would do without my forum family!

I have had a 3 day migraine..getting a bit better, then last night woke up to fever , chills, aching, sore throat!

Darn it all!!!!!! Well, one thing this illness has taught me is how to cope with feeling bad :).

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A belated merry Christmas to everyone from my little corner of the world...which currently consists of the couch and many pillows, lol. I chuckle at the "having pots has taught me how to cope with feeling bad" because it's so true. After all my body throws at me, there is truly not much that sways me. as mom once said, "ain't no thing but a chicken wing".

I do hope all are having a easy day after all the festivities. I was only out of the house for four hours yesterday, and feel like the truck just ran me over a few times. Between POTS and EDS issues with me, it doesn't matter how short a time I was up, I'm still gonna be downed later. Might as well kick back and enjoy it, so I've popped on some Downton Abbey I checked out from the library, found a piece of pie brought home last night, and enjoying a mug of cocoa.

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