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Something I've Been Wondering For A Long Time...immediate Hr Rise Upon Standing Important?


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I've read just about every internet source on POTS there is.

Some define it as an increase of 30 bpm or more within the first 10 minutes of standing from a supine position (so, like, anytime in those 10 minutes).

Others seem to imply that's it's not to be measured right away.

Mine will usually shoot up to something crazy like 130 right away (like a couple seconds after standing), but will then quickly go down to mid-90s and sometimes even mid-80s, then will inch its way back up to the 100's and stay around there for the next 10 mins or so.

The big increase is sooo shortlived that I wonder if it even matters/is worth recording, if that makes any sense.

What do you all experience/ think?

I've not had a TTT.

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My heart rate usually waits until the 5 minute mark or so to really get going. The longer I stand beyond the 10 minutes, the more it will increase usually to somewhere in the 130-140s. Technically, the diagnostic criteria is looking for the increase sometime in the 1st 10 minutes. But, my POTS doc said he doesn't doubt that longer periods of standing can accentuate my issues. For example, I can start out cooking and be ok. Around the 15 minute mark, I start to go downhill. So, I try to look for recipes and cooking methods that accommodate for that.

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