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Poor (More Like Desolate) Man's Tilt Test


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I did a very improvised poor man's tilt table test. I don't have a blood pressure cuff so I just did my heart rate. But I just wanted to see whether I had any grounds to go to the drs to get them to do a real tilt table test. Anyway I laid down for ten minutes and my heart rate was 69 bpm then:

after 1 min: 91bpm

after 2 mins: 96bpm

after 5 mins: 104bpm

after 10 mins: 106bpm

So an overall raise of 37bpm. I felt a bit more tired than usual but didn't feel faint or pass out. Any thoughts on whether this is 'normal'?


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Fainting only occurs in 33% of those with POTS.

Haha this is probably not the place to compare #'s with "normal" people, but I do believe there was a post here a while back where someone did an experiment with doing the poor man's tilt test with a pulse reader on all their friends /relatives, etc. and there were a few people who met the POTS definition without having symptoms...I've looked around for it a bit, but can't find it. MomtoGiuliana is correct that the medical definition is an increase of 30 or more.

Was inspired to do my own just now

Laying - 82

Right away standing - 128

1 min - 96

2 min - 81 (??)

5 min- 112

10 min - 115

Lay back down - 67

Stood again just for fun - 130 (wow...I swear I didn't get up too fast)

I don't know how much I trust this pulse oximeter I have, to be honest. That was some weird fluctuating. I've never fainted in my life. I didn't feel faint during this test either, just some initial heart pounding and kinda blood pooling in feet feeling.

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I agree with the above.

Also, if you do a poor man's tilt test by yourself, as opposed to having someone take you vitals for you, you are moving around more than you think and that can affect the results that you are getting. On a real ttt, you are strapped in to prevent movement. Even little movement can change the numbers and are what doctors refer to as 'counter-maneuvers'. So, you may see an even more exaggerated response on a ttt.

My poor man's tilt tests usually don't show extreme numbers but both ttt I've had showed a double in my HR from supine to upright.

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