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Lumbar Puncture And Now Stiff Neck, Headache

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My symptoms have been worsening over the past week. It was so bad on Sunday that I went to the ER. I told them I have constant head pressure, brain fog, derealization (those have been my most prominent symptoms lately). They did a CT scan and then a lumbar puncture.

Now in addition to my "normal" symptoms, I have a headache and a stiff neck. Has anyone had a lumbar puncture and experienced this? How long should it last?

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Sorry you feel so crummy right now. Hope you start to feel a little better soon and they are able to clean some useful information from the spinal tap.

I have had a couple LPs and always get a headache and neck stiffness. I Definetly do better the longer I spend supine afterwards, at least I don't feel like my heads going to explode... It took me about 2 or 3 days to recover from my last one.

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ANCY (or anyone who knows)- It happened Sunday and now it's Thursday. I still have a headache and a neck ache if I move around but not when I lay down.

statesof- the derealization is my newest symptom and I hate it. I feel dead. My wife has been doing research on how to overcome it so now I'm trying to do her tips:
Get outside more (which is especially hard bc of the lumbar puncture)
Think about the present (not the past or the future)
Don't dwell on any thoughts starting with the word "why"
Don't think "I am sick"

I don't know if it's going to fix it but I'm praying it will.

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I agree with DKD that if you are still concerned about side effects you should probably call and talk to a Dr or a nurse.

It took a couple days for me to get over the severe headache and stiffness but did not fully go away for about a week. I was hospitalized for one and the Drs were not concerned with the headache and stiffness since it was not severe. Their advice was just to stay as flat as I could. They would have done something if things had gotten worse though.

Hope you feel better soon!

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