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Pvcs Stopped After A While - Pvc Stopped


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My PVCs started on Oct 14, 2015. I was getting just a few.
Then it was lasting for a couple of hours on Oct 16.
Then it turned into constant mode.

So, every day, at every hour, I was getting PVCs. There were rare moments where it would stop for a few minutes.
Usually, it hovers around 4 PVC/min during daytime. At times, it was 8 PVC/min. Once, it maxed to 16 PVC/min.

Magnesium (MgSO4), Calcium (cheese, milk), potassium (KCl) didn't help.
Excercising helps since it speeds up my heart and it drowns out the PVCs so I didn't feel them.
Walking also helps since I don't feel them, but PVCs are probably always present.

At night, I wake up a few times. I have measured my PVCs and usually it is at 1 PVC/min.
The cause might be epinephrine. Perhaps at night, the levels go down and I get less.

CONCLUSION: They stopped on their own on 3 dec, 2015. It lasted almost 2 months!
Been fine for 5 days now (Except for other symptoms).

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I wish they would measure everything in our blood and perhaps certain tissues. I'm sure there is a solution for this annoyance.

Luckily, most of my PVCs were lonely so I was not feeling dizzy. Sometimes, they would bunch up and I would get 10 in a row.

It was a hard 2 months. I have never had it for that long.

I don't know if it is related, but I am feeling very tired for the past few days. I slept a lot on the weekend and it didn't help.

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