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Worried About Tingling In Fingertips And Fatigue


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I get it usually on my left side starting at top of my amr into my pink and ring finger and some times down my left leg into my foot. I actually went to urgent care. They said if you can move your neck and are able to speak in normal sentences then you are ok, but I think it is always good to make sure with dr to know what symptoms are normal for you and what signs to look for that require medical care. So uneasy with some of the symptoms sometimes and worried I will be called wolf but I would rather be cautious.

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Hi Josh,

I encourage you to consult a doctor if your having stroke-like symptoms. We can give our own personal experiences, information we've learned along the way, etc., but we aren't a substitute for your doctor. Please consider calling him. In my opinion, it could be blood pooling, especially with the pics you showed the other day. It isn't just specific in the lower extremities.

Keep us posted and I hope you feel better, Sarah

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