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Changes In Sweating Patterns?

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The trigger that precipitated my partial-DA was longterm untreated sleep apnea.

I had most all the other symptoms and triggers of POTS, although I rarely passed out.

Side effect of all this is that my CNS stopped sweating almost altogether. This was a nightmare known as

Anihidrosis. I simply shut down. I did have the sweat study done under the lights at Cleveland CLinic. It took about 40 minutes for my body to basically be "forced" to perspire.

Now on BIPAP over 2 years (if you get diagnosed with apnea, just get a bipap which can be used either way). Most apnea is actually upon EXHALE, dont let them give you an inadequate machine.

Finally, after 4 years, I sweat Normally---in fact, i sweat about twice as much prior to apnea/POTS. When I finally started sweating right while walking, i was ecstatic to be sweating again! Thank God for bipap, and your bodys ability to heal itself, at least to some degree.

My CNS/ ANS is permanently neurologically damaged. But at least I dont feel like im suffocating every day.

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So good to hear about some healing of the body. That is amazing!

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