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Foot And Hand Warts (And Other Skin Issues)


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Any chance foot and hand warts are a manifestation of dysautonomia? I've had plantar warts for about 2.5 years (been going to the dermatologist for freezing every 3 weeks for well over a year and they still persist). Suddenly, something popped up on my hand and I asked the derm about it. He said it might be a wart as well. I've never had a hand wart (had one plantar wart as a kid).

I have some other skin issues as well - frequent flushing, a rash that would go away and come back in the same spot for a very long time (that spot still itches all the time, but looks better), bumps like mosquito bites that pop up and itch but there are no mosquitos now that it's cold out. And the really baffling one - I'm highly allergic to poison ivy and was exposed this summer. I got the bumpy rash, but it never itched. Normally poison ivy itches so badly that I scratch until it bleeds. I've always had the skin that others have said they are jealous of, until I got ill. I'm wondering if this is all part of something larger that also includes orthostatic hypotension as a symptom (tons of other symptoms as well, nearly ever area of my body seems affected in some way).

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