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Taking Ketotifen In The Us Anyone?


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Hi Katy,

Basically my doc wrote out a prescription for the Ketotifen ( it comes in 1mg and I was to take 2mg Bid ) and then I got on line and decided which Canadian pharmacy I wanted to use. I settled on Marks Marine Pharmacy. I filled out the required paper work on line and faxed them a copy of the prescription. Some of the companies require the original script be mailed to them but not this one. I had to give them credit card information for billing and several weeks later the Ketotifen arrived. I was very satisfied with this company. Unfortunately I developed a problem with increased rashes, itching and severe tiredness and had to discontinue the med. My doc thought I reacted to a filler in the drug and not the drug itself. I have had thoughts of wanting to try this med again but maybe through a compounding pharmacy so as to avoid the fillers. Some people on one of the mast cell forums talk about a compounding pharmacy in Washington State that they use. I don't quite understand how this would be possible if Ketotifen is not FDA approved in the US but they seem to be able to acquire it through this route. At some point I plan to explore this further.

I hope you have success with this medication. It sounded very promising to me.


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Hi Janet!

Thanks for the info. My compound pharmacy was willing to make it for me but the supplier of the chemicals is back ordered. The pharmacist said she's not sure if that's just because they are truly back ordered or if they can no longer get the chemicals because it's not an approved drug in the US. She said she's going to call again in a week to see if they have it.

She also said that it would be more cost effective for me to get it through a Canadian pharmacy first to make sure it works for me and I have no adverse reactions. If she orders it, she has to order a certain quantity of the chemicals which is a several month supply for me and it would be expensive just in the initial phase. But, if it works for me and I will be using it long term, then she can make it more cost effective. (If we can get it at all, of course.)

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