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Dynamic Neural Retraining System


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I looked into this blog and consider it advertisement. And to be honest, the cheapest way to get into this is buying DVD's at a cost of $ 250,= which doesn't sound cheap to me! Thing is that people who are desperate are vulnerable also and willing to pay everything to get their lives back. I would feel very sad for them to loose so much money without being cured!

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I looked into this at one point, because I have a family member who actually studies neuroplasticity and its effect on chronic disease. There's initial evidence that it could be really promising for certain things, certain conditions. However, I don't think it's a complete cure in any way - it's just a way to help our brains overcome the stress response that automatically comes with chronic illness. When your brain is stuck in that pattern, it's much more difficult for your body to heal. So neuroplasticity, from my understanding (and keep in mind we're learning new things about it all the time, so this isn't a complete explanation) is helping make new pathways in your brain that are wired for healing instead of stress. It gets your body to stay in "healing mode" as opposed to emergency "OMG I'm sick" fight or flight mode. It has been used really effectively for psychiatric illness.

I looked into this program, and I'm wary of it because I do believe the wheelchairtorollerblades blog is just an advertisement. Also, it's being promoted as being able to cure EVERYTHING under the sun, including infectious diseases that we know can evade the immune system (like Lyme). I go by the motto that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Also, the cost is super high. In their defense, they do have a six month to one year money back guarantee, although it's anyone's guess if they truly honor that.

Biofeedback, meditation, and hypnosis are all methods that can use principles of neuroplasticity, so I'm kind of doing my own neuroplasticity retraining with a combination of the these. I've definitely seen a difference in certain aspects of my illness, although again, it's not a cure (and I never expected it to be one). Also, if you do a search for neuroplasticity on amazon, youtube, and in general, you can find lots of good books, videos, and other resources either for free or much more cheaply that other therapists are successfully using for their patients. That at least might help you get an idea of what neuroplasticity is about, and help you decide if this is something you want to pursue.

Hope that helped!

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