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autonomic neuropathy/ POTS?


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I really dont know if I've already mentioned this or not but I cant find it so it may have been on another site ;) I was reading about neuropathy for my aunt(she's lots some sensory nerve function in her legs/ also possible thyroid problem) anyway, a symptom of autonomic neuropathy (strange but true) is the spots on your tongue ( taste buds and such) in these patients have areas that have no spots. I've described it as looking like cigarette burns ( I dont smoke) the spots can be painful at times (like when you burn it with food) My family doc called it a geographical tongue (no known cause) I've had it since I was born- never thought to mention it to any Dr with all this! My cousin is the only other person I've seen with it and she has mitro-prolapse valve and fibromyalgia( which are also linked to dysautonomia from what I've read.)

There is a point to all this- I wonder if any of you have this strange symptom?! If it is linked to dysautonomia then I have had it since birth!!

I'm not real educated on the dysautonomias so any input is appreciated! Interesting on the theory of heredity because it would include 2 more relatives just affecting different parts of the body.

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