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Can Anyone Else Do Cardio With No Problems, But Weight Lifting Makes You Suffer?


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I feel fine doing cardio, and at times I do some pretty hard cardio like mountain biking. I might be tired after, but not completely wiped out.

However, if I try to do any weight lifting, even simple body weight exercises like push-ups, I suffer bad pain for a week. In the past, my body was very used to weight lifting and pushing around some pretty heavy weights for my size. The pain I now suffer is far worse than delayed onset muscle soreness.

Most of what I see with dysautonomia is fatigue after cardio. Wondering if anyone has the seemingly unique symptoms I do (cardio tolerance, but weight lifting intolerance)?

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My exercise tolerance in general went way down. It has sadly never returned to what it was (of course I am in my 40s now). I would say cardio much worse; body weight exercises not such a problem but definitely was very hard when my POTS was severe. In general any exercising requiring being upright is a particular problem for me. Kayaking or swimming are a lot easier for me.

Do you feel better when exercising and worse right after exercise? Just continuing along the lines of our previous topic discussion. My friend who was diagnosed w Sick Sinus Syndrome felt best when she was exercising. It brought her heartrate up enough to make her feel better, I guess? But she would feel particularly terrible after and would feel like she needed to nap/rest.

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I got your message on your friend...I feel fantastic when I exercise. I usually feel pretty good immediately after. Depending on what I do and what else I have going on, I can feel pretty tired after. I definitely don't have the energy I used to. I used to be able to do a very hard workout, then make dinner and do stuff around the house. I now need to prioritize and decide if I'm going to exercise today or run errands/do stuff around the house. I don't have the energy to do both.

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