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Feel Worse During Time Change?


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Does anyone feel worse with this time change? It was okay in the beginning but now It is driving me crazy! I am more tired. Especially now it gets dark at 5pm as soon as it gets dark i get tire, I am more anxious. I just read an article that they say you are more tired during the spring time change but that is not true for me! I loved when it was light out until 9 pm! I don't have as much energy during fall and winter. My brain fog gets worse in winter and fall as well! Even though i hate the heat I miss summer! This week is perfect though. My favorite temps in the low to middle 70s and cooler at night but not too cold.

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Yep! That is how I feel! This weekend seems to be the worst of the time change for me. Its been a whole week but still not used to it! Like this weekend feels like the days have been very long and I am so tired! Tonight is rough as well! I have to pack and I barely have any energy to pack. My brain fog is terrible and it is so hard to push myself to pack! How do you get little bursts of energy to help you throughout the day? I don't have time to pack tomorrow. I am just so tired!

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