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Qsart- Are You Supposed To Actually Sweat? Also Breathing Test


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Are you actually supposed to sweat on the QSART (not the thermodynamic one). I did feel all the stinging tinglings, but I didn't actually sweat. When I asked the tech and told her, "I feel it" she said that is "good" and no, not supposed to sweat. It just simulates sweat". Does that sound right?

Also for my breathing in and breathing out test, I don't believe my heart rate or blood pressure changed that much. Does anyone know what the proper response is?

I don't believe I showed any Orthostatic hypotension, but did have the POTS rate increase (at least this is what I could see from the numbers she was writing down).



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For me the test results that my doctor gave me also included a brief writeup about the valsalva maneuver (breathing in breathing out test) and tilt table hr increase. I think my first TTT I had some irregularities on the valsalva and tilt table, however my second TTT only showed the tilt table hr increase. Honestly for me I think its just a matter of how I am doing that day; the first time I was pretty anxious so I think it affected the valsalva more. But if you get a writeup with your results it should discuss the findings so you can know how you did.

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