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Left Chest Pressure, Then Pain


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Left chest pressure, then pain
When I am asleep, I'm alright. Even when lying down and relaxing. When I get up, after about 1 hour, I feel this pressure on my left side, below the chest bone (abdomen area / intestine area).
It is like an area of 5 cm in diameter.
It then turns into a dull pain and I get some dull pain in upper left chest area as well. It progresses into an irritation like feeling.

It seems as if over time, it might turn into a strong burning sensation around the breast area.
This has been bothering me for a while. I was prescribed clonazepam which helped. I don't know why. Is this anxiety related? Does anyone have a symptom like this?

Yesterday, I was walking (I go for 30 min walks at night). I always feel that dull chest pressure and dull pain but it started inflamming again. Luckily it lasted only 10 min.
It is as if moving around activates this thing.

Thanks for reading!

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Hey bigtrouble, my chest pain is slightly different but has some of the similarities as yours; i'll get chest pressure sometimes feeling like a squeezing sensation other times like there is a weight on my chest, but a lot of the time as it persists it almost seems more abdominal, like right below my chest/ heart, and I too get that burning sensation usually when its starting to go away. To me it feels almost like I have sunburn under my skin, it is a different sensation than that of heart burn. I've had all the heart tests and their always fine even when I would have the chest pressure, but on bad days I do take a xanax and aspirin, as well as my normal heart meds. I do find the more often I wear compression stockings it seems to help me from getting that type of chest pressure as often.

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Oh hello statesof,
I didn't think anybody would reply to this bizarre case of mine.
I have had the squeezing sensation as well, but that was a couple of months ago. It felt like veins getting squeezed in that same
abdomen area / intestine area.
It has somehow transformed into what I described now.
Yes, sometimes it feels like weights are on it.
Yes, it definitly can be described as a sunburn just below the skin. It is like something has activated all pain sensors and heat sensors at the same time.

I have tried naproxen recently. Not sure if it is helping. Usually, I am taking either ibuprofen or tylenol.

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I am currently on verapamil for my chest pressure, I'm on pretty much the lowest dose but it has helped me more than anything with this type of chest pain/pressure. At first my chest pressure would last days then go away, but then I had a period where it was there for about five weeks with it changing somewhat throughout the day, but the squeezing type of sensation was soo bad some days. Now if I see my chest pressure/ pain symptoms starting up again I try to get ahead of it.

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Perhaps the verapamil is acting as a vassodialotor. That's one of the effects reported on wikipedia.

Like I reported on another thread, a doctor prescribed clonazepam 0.5 mg, but only 30 pills. To my surprise, it was working very well.

I also have PVC now. Which started on 7 oct and I have it all the time (been 4 weeks). It stopped about 3 times for a few hours. I get about 3 per min, sometimes 6 per min. The bisoprolol I take can suppress the "strong pump" that I get right after a PVC.

I did some searches and found a site where I think someone was describing that he also had this burning sensation. Sadly, he says he has it all the time and he says it is intense. A few other people had the same issue but not constantly.

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