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Need Help Figuring This Out. High Heart Rates Now Normal.


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After having POTS myself and one daughter being diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope and another heart issue with a very irregular rhythm, I decided to check another teen daughter's heart rate. This other daughter has a history of occasional dizziness, daily headache, and stomach issues. She also very recently started medication for ADHD for the first time and I was worried about any heart issues now that she started a stimulant, given her sister's newly discovered problem. So checking her her, the rhythm was thankfully normal but her heart rate was almost always between 100 and 140. I stopped the ADHD medicine immediately, took her to the pediatrician, and started a log of her heart rates. For about two weeks after that, her heart rate continued to be high. But then a few days ago they dropped to normal levels. What could this be?

Could it be her heart rate fluctuate so extremely due to her menstrual cycle?

I've been giving her more salty foods but I don't think that could explain going from the 100's to the 80's, could it?

Is it possible that the stimulant raised her heart rate and kept it high for so three weeks after stopping it?

It's probably a good idea to keep our cardiologist appointment because of my other daughter's issue that could have a genetic influence, but I'm afraid he's going to think it's weird that I brought her in for tachycardia when it seems to be gone. But I did do it because of my pediatrician's insistence.

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