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Pip Assessment At Home

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I have EDS. POTS and Neuropathy. I was originally diagnosed with 1992 after living with 'ME' symptoms for 8 years. Since then the other more recent diagnoses have altered the situation. I have had to claim benefits because of the severity of my symptoms. Explain all of your symptoms and how they effect your ability or inability to do the set descriptors. I found the following chart very useful as it's all about point scoring.


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Hi 25gong on 80,

I have severe CFS, severe Fibromyalgia, and have developed Dysautonomia in past two years. needless to say i am rather unwell (understatement).

I have much experience of CFS/ME and FMS, Dysautonomia is new to me.

I have written a book on living with CFS and FMS here in the UK, and have had many, many dealings with the state benefits system. i am also an academic, and one of my main areas of interest/research is disability/society, etc.

best advice i can give atm is three-fold:

1) Visit the Benefits and Work website, pay the subscription and download ALL of the information available on PIP. Current PIP legislation is a minefield designed to STOP claimants being successful. The ONLY way you will be successful in your claim to to provide VERY comprehensive details in your PIP form and more importantly, in any 'additional information' you enclose with the form. Get letters of support from your GP, specialists letters, etc.

2) If you are being visited at home have someone with you to witness the visit. Have your witness make notes. Further, you need to record the whole thing. The DWP have very specific rules regarding recording, so you will have to meet those requirements (not easy), If you can't meet those requirements try to record surreptitiously. (They MUSTN"T find out).

3) prepare your home. The assessor WILL be looking for ways to dispute your claim. basically, your home MUST match up with details in your claim form. For example, if your form states you can't reach upwards then having food in a wall cupboard above your kitchen worktops could go against you, etc. If you state you can't stand for long do you have a chair in every room, etc. DON't let them 'use the bathroom/look around your home unaccompanied - assessors have been known to look in cupboards, wardrobes, etc. This is ILLEGAL, but it happens.

I know this may seem like paranoia, but believe me it isn't.

I will be migrated from DLA to PIP next year. I'm already filling in my form, additional information, gathering evidence, etc. The trick is to be VERY, VERY PREPARED!

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

Mike :-)

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Hi Kateybug,

I trust and hope that you are as well as you can be?

Sorry, just to clarify what PIP is:

PIP is Personal Independence Payment. (a UK only benefit) it is a new disability benefit, which replaces the older Disability Living Allowance.

It is intended to support the more severely ill UK citizens.

Currently in the UK there are two 'main' benefits the sick and disabled can claim; 'Employment and Support Allowance' (WRAG and Support Groups), and 'PIP'. These can be a 'passport' for other support, such as Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefit, BLue badge, etc,


i hope this clarifies the situation for users of the forums.

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