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Differences Among People In Heart Rate Throughout The Day?


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My heart rates tend to be highest early in the day and become more normal in the evening and beyond.

My daughter's heart rates seem to go higher as the day goes on, so that she can have high rates when she's lying in bed at night.

I don't usually get headaches and she gets headaches daily.

I'm wondering what other people heart rate trend is over the course of the day.

Anyone want to share their daily trend?

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My heart rate doesn't have any variation between day/evening which is consistent. Mine seems to have responses spreading across several days. On the low-end my normal variation was in the neighborhood of 17-20bpm higher 1 minute after standing. Lately it has been 25-35 bpm higher 1 minute after standing despite the fact we keep adding medications.

Like your daughter, I have headache daily - I refer to it in the singular form because it has not gone away since I got sick - it ebbs and flows, somedays being a hard pounding where I can barely understand what is going on around me with other days being a dull ache. Does your daughters ever actually go away? I was told that it is probably caused by the POTS and the headaches seem to be increasing as the variability increases. Is her variability more than yours?

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Thank you, everyone.

Puplover, it pretty much seems like my daughter's headache is constant. It's there when she wakes up but gets worse as the day progresses. I would suspect that her variability is more than mine since I am very stable now. I am older and heavier, and I keep my sleep schedule very regular. I started an exercise program two years ago and have kept it up consistently. I think that has made the most difference for me. I no longer get nervous about going out of the house for the day like I used to because I feel like I might collapse. At the worst, I just get lightheaded. :)

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