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Weird Cold Chest Sensation


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Feelign weird this evening. Ate dinner. Then when I was done with dinner my right hand the fingers started tingling like they were going to go numb but didn't and that went away. Then my chest felt weird like really cold like i swallowed menthol and then I felt like i could not breath. My chest felt tight and i had a weird cold sensation and felt like i couldn't breath. My chest shouldn't feel cold cause i just had warm vegetable beef soup! Did my inhaler helped the breathing part but I still feel weird and my chest neck and chin feel coldish and kind of numbish. My nose felt a little numb as well. Now I am shaky. According to my fitbit my heart rate is only 77. Anyone else felt like this? I never had this sensation before! What I don't get is the menthol cold feeling. Its freaking me out.

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Agree with the post above. Our bodies do weird things. It's hard to chalk it up to dysautonomia, which it could be. But it could also be another type of thing from another type of condition. If it was assosiated with dysautonomia I would say 2 reasons for it could be blood pooling after you ate, but that usually happens with a heavy carbohydrate meal or it a type of sensory neuropathy. I usually get cold hands and feet, sometimes my ears and nose (the extremities) but more so when my adrenaline is higher. Adrenaline, specifically noradrenaline tells your brain there is danger so pool all your blood to your vital organs, but in that case when your hands are cold your chest should be warm..

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