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Low Gfr - Kidney Insufficiency


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Was listening to the Ask Dr Dawn radio show and she discussed low GFR / kidney insufficiency and things one can do to help ward off a future on dialysis. She mentioned avoiding sports drinks and potassium as potassium is difficult for the kidneys to flush. I have a low GFR...seems to hang around the upper 50's, lower 60's.

All this got me wondering?

How many of you have a chronically low GFR?

(I'm guessing a few have a low GFR and the advice of not using sports drinks and potassium is bad advice for those of us with dysautonomia)

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Good info. Thanks for sharing. I quit drinking the sports drinks a month after diagnosis for dental reasons (the sugar contributing to dental caries). I drink water flavored with lemon or lime and take the buffered salt tabs. For low blood pressure that I need to restore quickly, I drink table salt in my water with lime.

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I reversed my CKD with diet. I'm Low fat, whole food, Vegan. Went from 3rd stage to now normal. I never did high salt and don't think it's a good choice, for me. I have low renin and aldosterone. My subset is HyperPOTS, with MCAS and EDS.

If you do a search, I've written about my experience.


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