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Heart Thumps Or Pvc Or Pac


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I get these arrhythmias which I don't know what they are since I have never caught them on a EKG.
Sometimes, they last 1 day, the entire day. Sometimes I get 1 per day (thump).
Sometimes it last for 2 weeks.

Most of them, I can see that my heart beat stops and then BANG, it pounds heard.
Some of them, the heart rate is normal and then one of the beats does BANG.

They happen 1 per min when I wake up and can go up to 3 per min, up to 10 per min.

Yes, I have tried magnesium and potassium. I think what reduces them is slight exercise. I have to keep testing to be sure.

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Honestly they just come and go. When they are really bad and my heart rate is high I just go to the ER and get an iv of saline and they go away. Some days it's worse than others. Usually worse when my anxiety is high and my water intake isn't as high as it should be. They have almost completely went away since I started taking my midodrine and drinking the propel unflavored water.

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