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Question For The Ladies


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I know that symptoms can get worse around the menstrual cycle...this is more about symptoms that don't occur every month.

Most months, I seem to have worse symptoms the second half of the month - insomnia, blood sugar problems, more pain, more headaches, painful breasts, more bloating. HOWEVER, I have months where I feel pretty good in the second half of my cycle and the symptoms are non-existent or nearly non-existent. Not in menopause, have had hormones checked a number of times and nothing jumps out as being way off, have tried stuff like wild yam cream and it made me feel worse, I take iodine...it doesn't appear to be driven by hormones. For the life of me, I can't tie it to anything I'm doing different in certain months.

Do you ladies find that you have a similar pattern? Some better and some worse monthly cycles?

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I've been wondering about this. I have POTS and I have one daughter with neurocardiogenic syncope and an irregular heartbeat that may be genetic. Because of this I decided to check another daughter's heart rate and it was really high a lot of the time. I took her to the pediatrician and now we have to see a cardiologist. I've been recording her heart rate and after being high for two weeks, now it seems normal. I don't know what to think and what to say when I get to the appointment if she seems very normal then. I will take our record of her heart rates. I really have no idea of why it would be so high and now normal for the last few days, except for her period starting.

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