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Anyone Seen Dr Laura Black ? Need Suggestion For A Dr In The Charlotte Area

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Hi everyone.... I'm still having major flare ups with my pots and ncs symptoms. I really need to find a dr in the Charlotte nc area to help me. I love my cardiologist but he doesn't know a lot about pots and is not taking me seriously right now. My Gp is great and I know that he will work with whoever I find. So has anyone seen Dr Laura Black? If you have what was your experience and would you recommend her? And are they any other dr's in my areas that know about pots? Any suggestions would help me..thanks!

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Hi Becca,

Just wanted to clarify the rules about discussing doctors/hospitals publicly on the forum: "Doctors and Hospitals: You agree to refrain from making disparaging remarks about hospitals or medical professionals on this forum and to refrain from naming doctors or hospitals when elaborating on negative experiences. Clarifications: It is fine to make a general statement, such as "I had a negative experience with Dr. ____ ," however, per forum rules, statements naming a particular doctor or hospital cannot be defamatory in nature."

The PM feature is always available. Also, have you looked at DINET's physician list? http://www.dinet.org/index.php/physician-list

Sorry that you aren't feeling well atm, I hope that you find a doctor to work with soon and that some of the other members have some suggestions.

Take care,


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Sorry about that.. I;m not trying to find bad things out about that dr, I'm considering going to see her but when I read her bio about her doing a lot of alternative medicine I have a lot of questions. So I'll rephrase my question this way... for anyone who has seen Dr Black in Charlotte (whether you have had a good or bad experience with her) please private message me. And if you are seeing a dr in the Charlotte area that knows a lot about pots you can private message me too. I'm opened to suggestions cause I really need help.

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