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please help newbie with your sage wisdom!


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I am from a lyme disease board and I have a few questions I was hoping you folks here could help me with. I am tired tonite so I will start out slowly.

What should a "normal" person's blood pressure do when they stand up?

What would it mean if the heart rate went up 10, the bottom number went up about ten and the top number went down ten?

I was on some SERIOUS meds that made me very very near syncope and dizzy was an understatement. I am better now that I am off the meds, but still trying to understand what is up with my body.

Thank you all for your help!

Trails 17.gif

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Welcome and very cute icons! A normal person's blood pressure, hmmm Well generally if you are lying down your blood pressure is normalized, meaning it's about the same all over, so you are getting the appropriate amounts of blood flow every where, since it can be controlled a little or a lot by gravity. When you stand, your heart will speed up briefly, then should settle back down as it accomodates to the gravity change. Your blood pressure may drop briefly then should perk up as it accomodates the difference in position too. So the heart rate should speed up momentarily and the bp drop momentarily. When the heart rate increases it helps compensate and that is what pushes the bp up. The heart and bp quickly adjust to the change in position.

When you have a dysregulation in this many things can happen. The heart can beat too rapidly, so there's not enough blood being pumped, because the heart can only handle so much at a very fast pace, or in some people, it slows down instead of speeding up. If it's slow enough, it can cause the same type problems. Sometimes the bp doesn't seem to have any connection to what's going on in the heart, so it can drop dramatically or rise too much. In a normal person, when you lie back down, the blood pressure will tend to dip a bit and then go back to baseline. This doesn't happen with dysregulation. The bp and pulse tend to go up and then hit baseline again. Or it can dip and then hit baseline again.

I am not very familiar with lyme, but hope this helps a little. Typically there are parameters for what would be normal drops or increases. If your heart rate goes up more than 30 beats a minute when you stand after a few minutes, this is not normal. It should only take a very short period for the heart rate to go back to normal. The same is true for the bp. Say a normal person had a bp of 118/70 and a pulse of 76, when they stood up their pulse might go up to 80 or 85 and then drop back down to the 70's as the body adjusts. The bp would dip to 110/70 and then pop back up to 116/70 or somewhere close to the original.

If you stand up and are chatting or whatever and your pulse pops up to 120, this is not normal. If it drops to 50, this is not normal. If your bp drops to 90/50, this is not normal, nor would it be normal for it to pop up to 160/90. There should be a slight swing but it should be short and fast.

I hope this helps. Again, welcome. morgan

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Hi Trails; Welcome to the site!!! Morgan hit the nail right on the head. You should talk to your doctor about giving you an idea of where you baseline BP and heart rate are.

Morgan; WOW!! Your description of the Vasovagal/Heart Rate response is the best, clearest and easy to understand explanation I have heard. Doctor are so much wrapped into medical terminology it is hard to understand when they explain things. Thank you for that!!!

KathyP :(

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Dear kathy, just don't tell anyone how much I had to pay you for that wonderful compliment!! :( Actually, thanks, when I used to work in the hospitals and made rounds, after the doctor left, the patient always said,,,,what did he just say???? So I've always tried to keep things in layman's terms. But that was sweet, thanks...morgan

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Thank you for so much info! I realize how much time and effort doing that can mean! It will not be wasted on me. As someone said, that was some of the best FREE and concise info I have gotten in some time now.

I am going to digest it and get back to you guys maybe with more questions.

You guys ROCK! 00000035.gif


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Trails -

Welcome! And I must agree that I LOVE your icons:-)

Morgan -

I must also agree that your explanation was superb. Very clear & to the point about the issue at hand...

ta ta,


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