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Belated Welcome And A Big Thank You To Forum Ambassadors

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Dear DINET Forum Users,

I would like to officially recognize, and thank, our Forum Ambassadors:




This is a new category of volunteer created several months ago. The Forum Ambassadors are on the forum virtually every day. They welcome new members personally and with a weekly post on the forum(we have at least one new member each day!), they send birthday wishes (every day! as well), they respond to posts, helping members with questions about resources on the website or similar questions, and they are available to members should they have questions about navigating the forum.

They each contribute nearly daily to the Forum and their dedicated work is very important to keeping our Forum friendly, useful and helpful!



Forum Administrator

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a HUGE thank you to our ambassador's for always making everyone feel welcome. Also, for going above and beyond to make the forum a better a place, Thank you for all of your help and time you put in.

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Thank you SO much Forum Ambassadors for all you are investing in DINET! You're doing an excellent job and make our moderator's lives much easier!!!

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