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Describe What An Adrenaline Rush Feels Like!!!!


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My daughter thought she was having adrenaline rushes every night and occassionally during the day, but according to her neurologist they may not be. She describes them as a feeling of chills and then the rush starts. She gets very uncomfortable, her heart races, muscle pain, irritable, feeling like she has to keep moving, and like something is taking over her body. She fors not sweat and for this reason her doctor feels it is not an adrenaline rush. He has no idea what she is experiencing. Can anyone relate to what I am describing?

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I definitely sweat (profusely) with my adrenaline rushes. I feel tremulous and I get that feeling of sharp, tingling goosebumps on my arms and especially in my scalp. I feel like my heart is racing and my chest tends to feel tight and my breathing feels a bit constricted as though there is a weight on my chest. I often experience dizziness, mild vertigo, and my balance gets a bit off.

This doesn't match your daughters symptoms in some ways but I will say that I think we all experience these things slightly differently, so I wouldn't count it out just because her symptoms might differ a bit.

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I never sweat with my adrenaline rushes, but we know they are truly adrenaline rushes because I've been lucky enough to have catecholamine levels tested while I was in the middle of them - and my adrenaline level is always super high.

My experience with them is much like your daughter's, minus the muscle pain. I definitely have to keep moving, as laying still seems to allow the adrenaline to build up. Slight movement helps dispel the adrenaline a bit, I think. I do get irritable, my heart races, can have chills and get super cold, or sometimes I can have flushing episodes and get super hot, dry, and prickly feeling (still no sweating though). I shake or tremble and have muscle weakness afterward for awhile. If they get really bad, I will also get severely nauseous, and everything will kind of fade into a blur - I'll go into pre-syncope (without actually passing out) until the surge is over.

My adrenaline surges started out occurring primarily at night, but now I get them more typically during the day.

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Heart rate speeds up, feeling chest discomfort on left side(which is something I often feel), chest pain, feels like a heart attack coming up, dizzy, sweaty forehead, something on left side of chest shaking like a cellphone on vibration (possibly a muscle contracting and releasing). Sometimes, I feel all shaky, chest and arms but looking at my hands, they don't really shake.
Yes, It can happen that I feel suddenly cold. I look at my hands, which often look too red or yellowish. I do remember that a couple of times, I felt goosebumpy in the back of the head.

Time = They last about 30 min.

I think that no matter how many words I use, someone who hasn't experience it won't understand it. I remember reading a nurse say that she had met patients describing such symptoms, then she had dysautonomia herself and really understood what patients were going through.

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