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Cause For Vertigo For Daughter


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My daughter has had more doctor appointments the last few weeks than there are days in a week! It's been nonstop, but we think there is a possibility of a cause for her vertigo. After an MRI, it was discovered that she has a cyst within her petrous bone - a little A&P for a sec... part of the temporal bone.... hardest bone in the human body and the most inaccessible, just outside the auditory canal - and, as cysts go, seems to be filled with a proteious fluid. Ok, so a doctor hasn't exactly explained the results of the CT yet because he is on vacation, but they do seem to treat these by draining them. Some of the symptoms of these cysts include, you guessed it, vertigo, unusual pressure in the skull, TMJ issues, etc. My daughter has all of these symptoms and has always known that her left side was much worse than her right. Everything seemed to be eminating from the left. Could explain at least some of her issues. She had an MRI done several years ago and they didn't find anything. So, either it was too small to detect or just hadn't formed yet.

Now, I don't think this is the answer to all of her problems by any stretch of the imagination, but, if they could relieve some of her vertigo so that she could at least read a book, or write a song, or type on a computer so that she can work on her own book, it would be fantastic. She still has many other forms of Dysautonomia, but the vertigo is by far the most debilitating. So, keep her in your thoughts and prayers, she's not done yet and she's so tired.

BTW, anybody else have/had a petrous cyst? Just curious...

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Wow, sounds odd but I am glad they have at least found something because when you feel that rotten, you ll take anything. I pray that it lessens her vertigo somewhat with the draining. Have sent you a pm. Allie x

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