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Trouble BREATHING in summer heat?

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Hi Everyone!

I read the replies to the post on summer heat, but wondered specifically if anyone has trouble literally taking a deep breath just walking out into the heat/humidity?

I feel I am suffocating and have to run in and sometimes breathe in air conditioned air over a vent. I had a bad episode last summer because of this. Sounds a bit extreme, but I am losing courage just to drive short errands knowing if something happens to the car, I can't breathe outside! It is sooo frustrating and scary.

I don't have asthma, and my cardiologist just shrugs his shoulder. I am on Inderal for the POTS.

Thanks guys,


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Are you sure you don't have asthma...maybe even mild and you just don't recognize the symptoms?

I had something similar to this myself and it turns out I have a very mild form of asthma but I think since my body is so incredibly sensitive my symptoms were "dramatic" given that it's mild asthma. I am now on an asthma preventative inhaler and waiting to see if that helps.

Two things that stick out to me on this is #1 ask your Dr if there is another medication you can try. B Blockers can exaccerbate asthma and it might be worth switching meds to see if you get any relief at all.

#2 have you had a pulomonary/lung functioning testing

#3 Could it be seasonal allergies? If it's really humid there may be lots of mold around you.

Good luck!

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Yes, yes, yes! Difficulty breathing has been one of my worst problems, and it is REALLY bad in the heat. And it doesn't have to be 100 degrees! Anything above 74 or so makes it worse. An ice band around my neck helps a lot - it just allows me to get on top of it again. Hope that helps!

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Yes, I get this too.  It has to be 90 or above in my case.  I used to experience this at cooler temps as well.  I have always chalked it up to POTS.  I have been very sensitive to heat since developing POTS and this is one of several symptoms for me in the heat.

I am exactly the same way that Katherine described above. Especially today. It's 94 here in northwest florida with a heat index of 102 degrees! If it stays below 85 then I'm okay. The heat definitely makes it hard for me to catch my breath. It's not like an asthma attack or anything though. I just feel like I need to breathe very cool air and taking hot air into my lungs makes me feel as though I'm not getting enough oxygen. I've only been like this since getting POTs.


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