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In FL you can not not only be a caregiver on SSI but you can work as many or as little hours as you wish with no cap on income for up to 36 months without being penalized or put up for review. But as was mentioned above it is always a good idea to contact the attorney that handled your claim or to contact social security directly. I am not sure if restrictions vary state to state.

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my parents put my grandma is a nursing home yesterday, my heart is broke. i hope she can leave if thats what she wants. she is competent, but i have a feeling my parents are telling them otherwise to gain control over her. her 1st day she had to pee, and no one came for a while. i want to take her home with me, but don't know how to go about it. i did go to probate court to see if my parents had her declared incompetent, they looked in the computer and did not see any record of it. i m hurting bad, i want her with me, where do i start?

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Hi notherndarlene,

I know that is a heartbreaking situation. Have you spoken to the administration at the nursing home to find out if there is any reason why you can't bring her home with you? I think that's where I'd start if you can't speak to your parents about it.

I watched 2 of my grandparents have to be in nursing homes (and they did need to be there). But, it was still very difficult to watch them loose their independence. I really feel for you.

Take care,


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