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Pushing Yourself Too Hard, Relapse

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I've been in a sort of remission (POTS) for several months. I was able to start rock climbing and just got back from my first outdoor climbing trip in WV, which was amazing. But since Ive been back Ive been feeling horrible. I'm worried its going to be a downward spiral. I have a job that requires being on my feet for about 4 hours at time (crazy I know!) and I don't want lose it.

My question pertains to the length of "relapses" (for lack of a better word). Has anybody been okay for a long time, then gotten sick again after being really active? And if so, how long did it last?

Here is to hoping its just the flu.

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I'm relatively new to this but for me it waxes and wanes quickly...couple weeks bad...couple weeks pretty good, etc. EVERY time I ever feel bad with dizziness I repeat the mantra "It went away before, it will go away again" over and over. Then I think of a day in which I wasn't dizzy and sort of replay it in my head, knowing it will happen again. And it's true. So far it always "goes away again". So I believe if you got in a remission before it shouldn't be toooo long before you're getting back to being better again.

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Story of my pots:

Had a complete remission between feb 2006 and dec 2008.

Had milder remissions from 2010-2012, and now days my crashes ate shorter but more intense and in between im pretty good.

sonetimes its overdoing it, sonetimes it just comes back. For me the quicker i recommence treatment (florinef and alpha agonists) the quicker i respond and improve.

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