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My Ssi Decision

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I just had to share...After checking the mail today, I had a mild heart attack. There was a letter from the Social Security Department. Now keep in mind the last letter I received from them sent me into an emotional breakdown and my family put me under a suicide watch at home. So the first words out of my dad's mouth today were, "Okay, everyone sit down!". I began reading the letter first as my mom said from the other room, "Well it must not be good news, she's not jumping up and down screaming!" But in reality two bold words at the top of the page caught my eye...FULLY FAVORABLE! I couldn't even finish reading it. In fact I couldn't breathe! My heart pounding, my head spinning, someone pinch me! I have been fighting for SSI benefits since March of 2006 (an entire year after I received news that I had a rapidly progressive case of POTS/Dysautonomia that appeared to go from healthy to disabled in less than 6 months, but in reality the POTS was slowing taking over since birth I just didn't notice.) Nearly a decade of fighting for benefits, recognition, and racking up medical bills (many medical tests were just to prove to the court I was still in pursuit of a cure/still sick). Nearly a decade of stress on myself and my family. Stress that brought financial hardship and sickness to my parents, who are my main support physically, emotionally, and financially. As my dad took over reading the findings. I not only was found disabled, but they acknowledged the findings go back to a disability upon application in March 2006. He went on to say there was no reason why I was denied all these years, almost to the point of bashing the judge I'd been dealing with prior to my case landing in a new judges hands. So now a sense of relief. My case is in the hands of the financial department to work out my monthly check, paying off the medical bills, and determining my back pay. Old rules state unlimited back pay as long as I never stop appealing, new rules have a 4 year cap. So we'll see what they figure out. My legal team plans to fight for every penny I deserve. But at least I got approved. Yay! For anyone on here fighting for their benefits, never give up even when you feel you can't take the stress anymore. There is a light at the end of the fight.

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That's great, Chrissy! Keep an eye out for a packet to come regarding your eligibility for Medicare benefits. You have a limited time to accept your basic Medicare benefits and then also another limited deadline to sign up for Medicare supplement plans to offset the copay and to get a Medicare drug plan (drugs are not covered under basic Medicare and if you want pharmacy coverage you have to get Medicare Part D plan.) The packet is important to read in its entirety to see what your deadlines are.

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