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never knew florinef could do this to anyone

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six weeks sounds like a long time given all that has gone on. If you can't get him seen sooner though eating lots of potassium rich foods may help.

Along with the others already mentioned, orange juice is high in potassium, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and white potatoes too.

I'm glad he is doing better!

You and your family have been in my thoughts a lot!!

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So sorry to hear about the rough time you have been having & I do hope your grandpa is feeling better day by day.

If it's any consolation, my doc failed to be precautionary about potassium with me too when I was put on florinef originally, & he's one of the pros in the land of dysautonomia. The problem wasn't caught until I ended up in the hospital while away at school. That was back in 97 and I since was on florinef for quite a while - on two occassions - as it did seem to help, but even with potassium supplements I had several instances of problems with my K levels getting too low, and worse the potassium pills starting eating away at my stomach...they're pretty rough on the GI tract. For that reason - that I couldn't tolerate the supplements - I'm no longer on florinef, but lots of folks don't have a problem. You can also find lists of potassium rich foods online quite easily...bananas & OJ are popular but not alone. I know that I still have to watch my K even when not on florinef...when I'm having GI issues it's the first to go in my blood work and then, ironicly enough, low K can actually cause GI problems (amongst other things).

Good luck with the graduation decision....I had that 3 yrs ago & ended up going to one of the two ceremonies (School & University) but it was still tough.

Hang in there!


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i completely missed this whole thread about your grandfather and such...i thought it was about florinef and hadn't checked back after the first few folks answered your questions. so sorry...i just didn't realize and have sort of just been picking a couple of posts here and there to reply to...

anyway, what i wanted to say was....here's a big hug of support from Pennsylvania!

as for the potassium, i think you've gotten a lot of good answers...no one put me on potassium with florinef or monitored it very well either. but, it's such an easy, simple blood test...it seems a good idea to at least get lab work done weekly even if you don't have a docs appt. for six weeks. esp. since your paps had such a hard time already.

take care,


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