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Frustrated - What Is It!! Lol


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Hey all,

I am lately light headed most of the time, it *****.

No matter what position laid down, upside down(lol), standing, I get a head pressure and go light headed, its horrible. My BP is perfect, HR can be like 65 or sometimes slower 55.

Brain MRI Normal

Echocardiogram Normal

24 hour Holter ECG Normal

Blood Counts and Iron Normal

Electrolytes Normal

Blood Sugars Normal

I just cant quite work out why I would be light headed laid down, with normal vitals, it doesn't make sense, then if i stand up it stays the same or gets worse but the HR increase like 10 points not even pots, its like my POTS doesnt happen much any more, just these other symptoms!

I do believe I felt better on a higher dose of florinef, which is why these are probably worse now, I came down to see if it helped and was causing the symptoms, but maybe it was helping them, I just couldnt up the dose due to lowered potassium!!


Not sure what other tests to push for and other doctors are baffled!

I was thinking maybe some sort of cerebral blood flow test, I feel like my cerebral vessels are constricted or something!

I have a son on the way and moving in the next 6 weeks, so as you can imagine its getting me down!

Thanks Guys

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First of all, congratulations on the upcoming birth! That's awesome!

I have actually been having severe presyncopal episodes while laying down too. It started about 4 months ago. I have them about twice a month but they last for hours. They get worse if I get up but are bad even supine.

When I take my vitals, they aren't outrageous. But what I noticed the last 2 times is that I am having 30+ point fluctuations in my bp and hr in short periods of time. So I might go from 130/85 hr 85 to 95/70 and hr 107 to 115/80 hr 70 all in 10 minutes. I'm starting to think it's the constant fluctuations during these episodes that are causing my symptoms and not necessarily that the numbers are so extreme. When I saw my POTS Neuro last, he said we may have to repeat my autonomic testing as something might have changed. (I can tell him for sure something has changed.) I see him again end of August so I guess ill find out then what were going to do.

But, all that to say, maybe take several readings in a short amount of time while lying down and see if you can identify some sort of pattern. I wasn't until I did this that I realized my np and hr were like a yoyo.

Keep your chin up.


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This is one symptom I'm glad that left for the time being. For me it had to be something in my diet that likely made it worse. I'm not sure if you've messed with your diet or supplements but I went off of everything and eat only fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts and some dairy. Nothing that has any added fortified fake so called nutrients. This is the only thing that has helped me and I no longer take any supplements since I get all I need from my diet.

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Sounds familair, although mine happens mostly when standing and especially when walking. It can take a long period of sitting after these activities to get back to normal. I find that i am able to stand/walk longer if I have been inactive for a few days before.

Has any doctor been able to offer an educated guess on what it could be?

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I came down to half a tablet on my florinef from a whole, and now 2 weeks later my tachycardia is back(I actually like it compared to the slower heart rates I was getting lol!), I feel more light headed, but a better light headed than the one where my head felt constricted and really tight.

****, trading symptoms for symptoms!!!

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slow heart rate is so much worse than high heart rate...and your 55 HR is low...though people don't usually feel it until it dips below 50. I had bradycardia as a side effect of Midodrine when I was on it years ago, and went unconscious several times with HR into the 30's. It feels like dying...like ur blood is sludge. U said ur BP is "perfect"...u mean 120/70? Sometimes low BP doesn't attract anybody's attention, but it can make you feel very dizzy.

oh yeah, and CONGRATS! on the baby :) That's an exciting time.

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