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A List Of Symptoms... To Mention Or Not To Mention???

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Hey y'all... So I'm getting ready to finally see a new physician that hasn't ever met me before and I plan on bringing all of this weirdness up for her. I haven't done this yet, and figured it might be helpful. Below I've bulleted a list of symptoms I've been experiencing for the last 2 years or more. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to/not to bring up to this new doctor, what to emphasize, what maybe you all have experienced yourselves? Just general thoughts would be appreciate. (Sorry if some are a bit TMI, ranked in frequency and noticeability)

Thanks so much!!

*Stomach issues (food sensitivity, never normal bowel movements, pain, cramping, etc.), literally all the time every day.

*Frequent bathroom trips in general (more than 3 times an hour, occasionally)

*Frequent dizziness, lightheadedness, more often than not associate with exercise and change in position (although not debilitating)

*Temperature sensitivity, extreme both ways (but frequently very cold); heartrate increases with heat, but heat is more tolerable??

*Headaches (feels like tension headache, but usually on right side and won't go away until I sleep it off - I don't get migraines!)

*Waking up frequently in the middle of the night with VERY fast heartrate, chest feels hot and burning, usually stomach pain accompanies it.

*Sinus tachycardia almost all the time, with generally low blood pressure

*Extreme pain in my right lung when running; originally thought it was asthma, but my mother (who is a physician herself) has listened to my chest post-exercise and during the pain and there's no wheezing.) The pain often radiates up into my neck, jaw, under my tongue and ear. Subsides after I stop after about 10 min. I have an inhaler, ineffective.

*Bad circulation, mostly on right side; hands and feet/legs especially always cold

*Allergic to literally everything except for foods (though likely have a gluten issue, but no anaphylactic reactions to food)

So yeah... Lol. It's a lot but I bring these things up as they're pretty constant and noticeable. It all seems unrelated when I look at it but all of these have begun and/or worsened in the same time period and many happen along with the others.

Thoughts or suggestions on how to approach without sounding like a hypochondriac? -_-

Happy 4th everybody :)

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I think it is always best to bring up all symptoms. Sometimes doctors like to be handed a list that you have prepared then they can ask further questions...however, I had one doctor that saw me pull out my list and said, " tell me three things you would like to address or is your worst problem ". Since the "worst" , changes on a daily basis this made me rather angry. I didn't see that doctor again. Good luck!

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Yea I would bring all those up to your doctor, it actually helps when you list them out like this and then read it back to them so that you give them a thorough idea of your symptoms but also present them in a clear manner so they feel like they have too much information to focus on at once. I would just always make sure that your doctor knows the whole scope of your problems.

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I have found it to be very difficult to communicate my symptoms to a doctor. I have tried written lists - the doctor usually glances at it briefly and then hands it back to me. If I try to tell them all my symptoms, they usually interrupt me to move on to something they think is more important than what I have to say. The best exception was with the my electrophysiologist who finally diagnosed my POTS. When he started to ask the right follow-up questions, I knew he understood what was going on with me.

In general, I assume that doctors have the attention span for about three symptoms and those have to be presented in "sound bites". If they pick up on what I am saying, reflect it back to me and ask for more details, I know I am with a doctor who is listening and taking me seriously. If not, I assume I am in trouble with the doctor. In those cases, it is unlikely that I will return for another appointment.

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Thanks y'all, all responses have been helpful. :) I've finally been able to convince my dad (who's a cardiologist) that something is going on because I've showed him my pulse rate on 3 separate occasions after simply standing up - and one sitting down - where it was over 120. For no apparent reason lol. But he doesn't know what to say, and he's one of the most knowledgeable doctors in the area so it's a bit intimidating for me to think about having to show it to someone who doesn't even know me without it being brushed off... It's clear to ME what's going on, as every single symptom I have fits with POTS/autonomic dysfunction (I got sick of being ignored about it and did a ton of research/am also familiar with a lot of medical jargon as it's dinner table conversation at our home) but I'm afraid that it's going to be much harder to convince somebody else. My dad is actually the one who brought up POTS as a possibility about a year and a half ago, but he never really encouraged me to see someone as I think most physicians are either unaware of how uncomfortable and crappy it can make you feel or it's just not common enough to know the correct treatment approach. Either way, I really hope that this new primary care person can at least get something started because I just want to feel normal! Lol.

Have a good fourth!

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Hi! I'm just wondering if you might be able to see one of the docs listed on the forum that are familiar with POTS and dysautonomia? Always hard to get a diagnosis when someone doesn't know much about it. I wish you luck! You sure seem to fit the profile for dysautonomia.

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