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Shunt (Hole In Heart) And Pots -- Anyone Have Info?

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I have a small hole in my heart (shunt) in the part where the blood goes into the lungs to get oxygenated. The pulmonologist believes there is a relationship between that and pots -- which

affecting which, uncertain.

One surgeon wants to put an umbrella over the hole. I've read mixed reviews on this one as

far as pots goes.

Does anyone have both these, or have had it fixed, or know of their relationship?

Thanks a lot.

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Don't know about its relationship to POTS. I was just evaluated for this because they were concerned that I was throwing clots that were getting pumped directly to my brain if this hole existed (which would explain my daily migraines). I don't have the hole but that was the reasoning for having the test done. I know having a shunt basically makes the heart less efficient so I can't imagine it would help a POTS patient.

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I have a PFO which my doctors didn't seem to feel had much to do with my POTS, but kinda like what Katybug said, my migraine specialist said there seems to be some causal relationship with PFO's and migraine, however he also told me that he wouldn't recommend surgery and individuals who have had their PFO's fixed still tend to continue having migraines. I think its still early in those areas of study.

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