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Does Altitude And/or Climate Affect Pots?

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As I am contemplating staying with a friend in Santa Fe (7,000 ft altitude) if I can manage to get there, I began wondering about all of you out there and if you've found your symptoms are affected by your altitude, or climate for that matter. I wonder if my HR will get worse where the air is thinner or not, how the altitude will affect me in general.

I live in NYC, sea level. When I've been in Seattle, also sea level but different climate and atmospheric pressure, I felt better. I don't get around much, but I believe there must be some correlation.

Any ideas or experiences on this?

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Hi Katie,

Thank you SOOO much for these links! I can't believe I missed that first post only a couple of weeks ago....Your links and highlights are so helpful.

My complication is a hole in my heart, causing less oxygen to be available in general. I wonder if anyone here has had pots and that. I've read that correcting it can sometimes have deleterious effects on pots. I'm sure everything has mixed reviews

Again, thanks. I'm actually going to have a test in the hospital where they simulate high altitudes and see how you do.

I hope you're doing well!

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