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Positive Signs Of Improvement

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I have been working with a herbalist now for a few months and following a strict diet. It has been a bit of a roller coaster with lots of days spent in bed feeling dreadful, but this week I have seen a vast improvement in my BP, HR, brain fog and although I still feel very tired it is not that accompanied by that desperate feeling! I have actually managed 4 full days work in a row, that the first time in 9 months. I am still struggling with blurry vision, although all my floaters have disappeared, headaches are still a problem as is the exercise intolerance.

This time of year normally sees my allergies at their worst and I always get a huge swelling under my left eye that looks like an egg, so far not even itchy eyes or a runny nose.

What has shocked me the most is the amount of parasites I have got rid of in the last ten days it has been gross! Apparently they are quite common with auto immune issues, the reason I have POTS I am sure.

I am really hopeful that I have actually found someone to work with, although I understand this is going to be a long haul I feel positive for the first time since my problems started with auto immune issues 37 years ago, we should never give up hope or stop searching for answers.

I want to thank everyone here for sharing their experiences and knowledge it helped me understand what was happening to me and research ways to self help

Best wishes to you all :)

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dancer, this is so wonderful to hear! I really wish you ongoing progress and improvement! I send you much confidence and energy for your way towards health!

And let me say that I am particularly impressed by your attitude = never giving up hope, not even after decades!

I can so much relate to that, as I too will NEVER EVER give up the struggle for improvement and eventual health!

Best wishes! You will succeed!!

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Thank you so much ladies for your kind words. and support. I sincerely hope that everyone gets to the bottom of their problems, it is exhausting at times especially when you feel you are fighting the medical profession but there is always someone somewhere interested in your case, it may just take a long time to find them!

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Hi Dancer65,

I'm so happy to hear that you are moving forward and taking steps in the right direction. You should feel so proud of yourself, because this isn't easy!

That's great news that you've found an herbalist with whom your making progress with. Are you still keeping your POTS doctor in the loop?

I truly wish you the best,


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Hi Sarah

Thank you for your reply

I am still waiting to see a consultant, the waiting list here in UK is about 9 months I have been informed I wont get to see anyone until , at the earliest August. Because my Dr has diagnoised me with Poor mans tilt table test, my HR increased and BP dropped to the recommended POTS numbers on each visit. He is only willing to give me Florinef at present, which I totally understand he cant prescribe drugs without understanding my issues, however that really only helped me to get out off the sofa! I should think by the time I get a proper TTT I wont reach the criteria anymore!

My herbalist is trying to tackle my CFS and auto immune problems, One of the reasons I like him is he wants me to stay on the Florinef for adrenal support, I know I cant function at all without this, as on occasion when I have forgotton it (brain fog!) I have paid heavily. This week I have seen a huge improvement in my skin my excema and very dry skin has cleared up. also I am waking up feeling like I have had a good nights sleep as the nightmares have disappeared this last few weeks.

I am due to see my Dr in two weeks, I have also been dropped from the dermatologist for my Alopecia as I am told I am a " lost cause" that annoyed me as recent research has progressed for the causes of this disease. It is the frustration of both waiting and feeling a lack of support that has led me down the path of seeking help elsewhere so far I am glad I did! :) My hubby was very skeptical about alternative medicine, even he cant believe the improvements in me.

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