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Multi Symptom Atrophy

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It requires a qualified neurologist to make the diagnoses, and initially, can be difficult to discern between Parkinson's and MSA. It is a multi system disease that includes autonomic failures, movement disorders etc. It's progression is fast. MRIs, PET scans etc. are helpful. Some might check neuro transmitter levels etc. There is some information on the disease online. Fortunately the very ugly disease is very rare.

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Consider a DAT-SPECT as well as an IBZM-SPECT of your brain. If both (!) would come back positive, there is a relatively high probability of MSA. However, the specific clinical signs have to be present too.

Dr. Gregor Wenning from General Hospital in Innsbruck/Austria is one of the world's best specialists of this disease. You may get in touch with him (sending him an e-mail, also trying to reach him on his office phone), he will answer patients from abroad!

You can also find some webinars held by him on youtube!!

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