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I had gardisil years and years ago and didn't develop POTS due to it. I'm an epidemiologist and IMO the shot is beneficial for patients who qualify. Of course its going to appear that there is a causaility between the gardisil shot and an onseet of POTS because 80% of POTS patients are women and that is mirror in the percentage of people getting the gardisil shot. The vast majority of people recieving the shot are women. It isn't until recently that men have been urged to get the shot. I still have POTS but my pots came after a severe stomach/gi viral infection. I show people a slide every year in one the courses I teach It basically shows that with an increase in organic food consumption there is an increase in autism. Of course there isn't a causation between organic food and autism (or that consuming organic food will result in the development of autism), but this graph sure makes it look like there is right? Something that everyone should keep in mind when doing our own homework on conditions and supposed links between an exposure and disease. Many of us here aren't medical doctors or scientists, just concerned patients and parents trying to find anything that will help us fight/treat/manage a condition that has been very poorly researched.

Hopefully this link works: http://boingboing.net/2013/01/01/correlation-between-autism-dia.html

The first link posted in questionable to me because the writter is trying to sell you a nutrition plan that will lower your risk of contracting HPV..... we're all smart enough to realize a nutrition plan although will keep you healthy is not likely to be your best bet against contracting HPV.

The second link I would also take with a grain of salt. It is from a reputable journal, I will do homework on the scientist, but its a case report. These case reports are very quick and easy ways for doctors to increase their publication numbers if they need to be publishing as part of their professional requirements (not all do). I've written some of these types of reports in my own field and they really are taken with a grain of salt and for good reason. It is an interesting fact that might warrent future research if and only if other physicians are seeing the same trend.

The take home message I'm trying to send is that full length (likely 6 pages+ in published format) articles are what we should be looking to in medical journals. Those are peer-reviewed and gone through with a fine tooth comb for methodology, results, etc. evrything you could possibly think of. They gone through the scientific method in an attempt to prove their hypothesis. These 1 page letter to the editor type reports aren't put through that same riggor. These are just casual observations that this physician made and decided to report.

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I obviously can't say for sure that Gardasil doesn't cause POTS but I highly doubt it does. I think it's the timing of the age when the shot is given and the age of onset of POTS. Take the MMR shot for example. Some people believe that it causes autism. The first MMR is given at when a child is 12-15 months old which happens to be the age when autism is first noticed/diagnosed in children. The Gardasil shot is mostly given to women in their teens and early twenties. Like afpayne said, 80% of POTS patients are women and their symptoms begin in their teens/twenties. Like the MMR, it could just be coincidence that the symptoms are beginng to show at the same age the vaccine is given.

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