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how do I lose 40lbs? already eat well

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Just wondered if you had any ideas. I'm currently 68kg (about 148 lbs) and 5'1".

I don't LOOK that heavy; I'm a 12-14 UK (8-10 US).

But my rheumatologist last week told me I need to get down to 8 tone (about 105 lbs)

I don't know what else I can do_ I am a wheat free vegan, meaning that I eat no animal products at all- not even dairy. I don't smoke, I drink extremely rarely.

I haven't been able to exercise as much since getting POTSy, but I still do my best.

My BMI is 28! where is this COMING from? Anyone else have any ideas what could be causing it?

Or tips on how to lose the weight, other than starving myself?

I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Has anyone else found they put on weight after the POTS got really bad? People told me before Christmas I looked thinner, that I had lost weight- yet the figure on the scales is the same.

I just don't get it- I really don't look that fat! :)

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The only suggestion I can give you is too lower your calorie intake and increase exercise.

I have a difficult time controlling my weight because if I wait until I am hungry to eat I will faint. So it puts me into a situation that I am slowing gainging weight to decrease the syncopes. Hard decision to make!


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Boy I wish I had an answer to this. I gained 60 lbs after being diagnosed with POTS despite excersizing regularly. I just can't do enough cardio to keep weight off, but was able to do significant amt of muscle strengthening and toning, which only added more weight. Diet did not help me at all. My only choice is starvation, and I'm not really willing to do that, so I choose being overweight. Let me know if you do find anything.


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I have always had a problem with losing weight even before POTS. I had three pregnancies and could never get near my starting weight. I would work out and eat a restricted diet and still saw little results. I am 5'4 1/2 and weight 140 but am very small boned and petite so that's too much weight for my body.

Anyways since POTS I haven't exercised much and feel I'm gaining more weight. I also have slow gastric emptying (gastroparesis) which I can not eat alot of protein or raw veges and fruits or high fiber foods. Basically all the healthy things for your body. So now my diet consists of alot of carbs (breads, cereal, noodles,) stuff like that so I don't get to nauseous.

Somedays I look 4months pregnant and that's embarrasing. I wonder if POTs has any regulation over our metabalism?

I personally need to start exerciseing again but I'm scared. If I even push my boys in the swing I get discouraged and exhausted.

Let me know if you come up with any solutions


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I am dealing with the weight problem too. Right before POTS I was down to one of my lowest weights ever. I admit I was probably too skinny. Now I definitely feel like I look pregnant, because all my weight is around my stomach.

Like many of you, I was very active before getting sick, so I am sure I burned a lot of calories. Now I'm mostly sitting on my behind. :) I lost several pounds last year when I was feeling better and could exercise. But then I had a relapse and I gained the weight back (plus some).

I agree that starving ourselves isn't the answer. I start to feel faint (even though I am not a fainter) when I am hungry. We are already suffering so much from POTS, so I don't think it helps us to add hunger to the mix. I do eat very healthy, but I think my appetite is much more than it was. So I am trying portion control. I am also focusing on eating protein and cutting down on sugar. I try to eat smaller meals frequently, because this is supposed to increase metabolism. But that's not always so easy to do.

Although diet helps, I think the best way to lose weight is to be more active and/or exercise. But I have gotten migranes, nausea, etc. from trying to exercise when I wasn't feeling up to it. In the end I decided to exercise when I can, but pushing myself isn't worth it. The beta blocker and high salt diet are also a big part of it, but I don't think I could function without them. So for now, I am just living with the weight...

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This is a really tough one.

I manage to stay around 160 pounds or a little less and I am 5' 8". The top weight for my height on the charts is 163, so my weight is normal and I look a normal weight.

I have really worked to stay where I am. To lose is very difficult. I do not eat sugar or much fat. My diet is super healthy. And I do exercise. Still, if I eat much more than 1000 calories a day, I gain.

And guess what? I am 57. And I can tell you that we need less and less calories to maintain the same weight as we age. So get ready to cut down on food amounts as the years roll by! Such good news!

I also must eat or get low blood sugar. So I have some really low calorie things I eat throughout the day. I find that when I do this, I really don't want to eat a regualr size meal in the evening. But I want something after dinner in the middle of the evening to hold my blood sugar until morning.

Good Luck everyone! This is a hard one

Michigan Jan

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Hello all,

It is important to forego the " kneejerk" reaction of deprivation. You have to Feed/Fuel your body for energy!! the key really is when and what. Given the fact we must already take small meals frequently in order to aid in digestion hte ancillary benifit is that this also improves metabolism - think about adding wood to a camp fire. If you add little bits consitently the fire burns strong, rather than big lumps as the fire begins to burn out. You want to keep the fire burning. rather than the rollercoaster effect that saps energy. As far as meals are concerned - eating right is a relative thing. Live foods are a must ( fresh fruits , veg etc) and if you are a Vegen ; this is a , for lack of stronger phrasiology, Stoic lifestyle choice from a nutrition perspetive. You must make sure that you have all the correct supplementation to effect those given up through lack of fish , meats , eggs and dairy. For example , The essential fatty acids , some amino acids ,probiotics, creatine. in fact iit would be advisable to chat with a good naturopath/ nutritionist to maintain this Stoic eating lifestyle.

when it comes to exercise for weightloss , It really is a case of regimetation. Finding time , making time , doing the time. Once those things happen the rest WILL take care of itself. Increase your activity level during a time of day when you feel the strongest. Start with an activity that you enjoy Walking , Gardening , Biking etc ; but do it same time each day for a designated period of time. Make a goal . and make this your TIME. Take care of one thing first. decide to get the diet in order ; then try exercise. It seems insurmountable if you look at it as a whole. but if you attack it one thing at a time it can be done easily. Deficit your diet by 250 calories/ day increase your activity 250calories/day x 7 = 3500 = 1 lb without even trying. This is without the increase of muscle mass & metabolism that will also aid in weight loss. Its easier than you think. I written several workout threads in the past Check 'em out. Mostly Swiss (stabilty) Ball stuff.

Keeping a steady weight , muscle mass&strong metabolism , espeacially with Meds, is a must as youwant all your body's system's to work asefficiently as possible. Think more energy - hard to believe iknow but true.

good luck Kite 7

Ps persephone don't worry about BMI it is an obnoxious measurement and doesn't take in to account one's physical fitness. It was designed for/by the Insurance industry - need I say more. Just worry about how you feel. Find a pair of pants or dress as an indicator that can be Be My Indicator

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