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hepititis A & B

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Other posts on the topic of immunizations reminded me that I've got Hepititis A & B shots to get... and soon! Any reason I should be concerned about a reaction to those? (I think it's a set of 3 immunizations over 6 months... but I need to check with the travel clinic at the hospital to confirm.)



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Same thing I said in the other post...I've had them without incident. If you're working in a high risk environment (health care, child care, etc.), you have to weigh out the risks of any vaccine against your risk of contracting the illness. Given that I have students who are known to be hepatitis positive, I get my vaccinations.


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Hi Merrill,

Both my daughters had the Hep vacs without incident. Although I did find out just today that just because you have these vaccines doesn't mean your covered from getting it anyway. I was informed that there is a titer blood test that is suppose to determine if the vac worked and you have immunity built up or something like that....maybe someone else can explain better and clarify more on the subject. I was kinda shocked to learn that especially after a person has to have 3 sep shots for this vaccine. That would be a kicker for sure after going through all the shots to find out it didn't take.

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