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Menningitis shot


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No, but I've had many flu vaccinations and 2 pneumonia vaccinations without incident. I've chosen to get regular vaccinations as I am at higher risk of major complications after developing asthma.

this topic has come up many times before, although not specifically about this particular vaccine. the topic tends to draw diverse, and strong opinions pro and con.


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If Chrissy is in college or about to attend college next year it might be wise to have this vaccine, I think they recommend it due to dorm life of the students and can be prone to a higher risk of menningitis. Both my daughters had this one before starting college. Along with Hep vacs in high school. They experienced no ill side effects from them.

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I got this vaccine before I started college two years ago. I had no adverse reactions to it. Although I was undiagnosed at the time, I was experiencing POTS symptoms and I'm pretty sure I had POTS then (although doctors hadn't figured that out yet). It didn't make me more symptomatic or anything.

They recommend this vaccination for those who will be going into college and living in close proximity with others in the dorms. I definitely think it's something to talk with your doctor about to see if it would be right for Chrissy.

Best Wishes,

Meghan :)

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