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Xolair and allergy shots

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Has anyone taken the allergic medication called Xolair? I am considering it, but do not know of anyone who has taken it. My dysautonomia doc has no experience with it.

Also Do any of you take allergy shots. I am considering them, BUT after allergy testing which revealed significant allergies, I had chest pain, chills, and was shaking for 3 days. This started shortly after the testing. So I am a little afraid of allergy shots. Would they affect me as bad as the testing did?

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I have no experience with the allergy drug Xolair (although I have taken almost every thing else-- Claritin, Claritin D, Clarinex, Zyertek, Allegra D, Allegra 180, etc.). I do, however, take allergy shots. I have been doing them for about three years now. I started before I was diagnosed with POTS and have continued to take them. I haven't really noticed any effect on my POTS symptoms from the allergy shots. I would talk to your doctor about taking the allergy shots though if you are concerned that it might make your symptoms worse.

~ Meghan :angry:

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