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What Makes Driving Easy For You?

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Hello everyone! I haven't been on for quite a long time and to make a long and painful story short, my boyfriend of 11 years and father of my children broke up with me and left. I had to get a car as there were no other options. This is very recent and I have only driven a few times. He is still helping out with the kids and trying to make my transition back to driving as easy as possible.

I have been sick with POTS (and/or whatever, they don't know) since my son was born five years ago. I havent' driven in over three years now. It has been very scary and difficult to say the least.

I want to know what makes driving less stressful for you? Do you get dizzy and lightheaded in the car? What makes it more manageable?

Any advice is welcome. thanks

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So sorry about your recent stresses.

I remember that when I started driving again after not driving for over a year due to POTS that it was a little daunting. Are you feeling uncomfortable b/c you have symptoms that may interfere with safe driving, or is it more a confidence issue b/c you have not been driving for awhile? If you are feeling dizzy or light-headed driving might not be a good idea! Obviously you don't want to endanger yourself or others.

If it is more of a confidence issue (and I do think, in my experience, that due to all the symptoms POTS causes, we can develop feelings of insecurity about ability to do tasks in public) hopefully you can start small with short, local driving in places you are familiar with.

It's probably obvious but I just make sure I am well-hydrated prior to going out, that I have fluid with me (Gatorade, or coconut water).

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I have my backpack! Water, salty snacks and a fully charged cell phone. I live in a small town and things are fairly close. I started with little jaunts to store and such without a timeframe. Hubby and I only have one operable car at the moment, the ol truck is in the shop. I have two teens with permits and that helps on bad days.

Agreed with momtogiliana, if it's a dizzy lighthead day it may be best to call a friend

My little guy takes the bus to school. That's a big help!!!

Good luck. Keep us posted

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Thank you both. I think it's a little of both. I'm still not well. I have good days and bad days and some good days turn into bad days and as you know ,you just never know, moment to moment how you're going to feel. A lot of it may be the insecurity with not having driven in a while and the anxiety of it.

Thank you, I will keep you posted, hopefully with good news and improvement!

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I made sure I did everything possible to do all my errands as close to home as possible. I changed pharmacies, grocery stores, dry cleaners, pet store, etc.. Some of my docs are farther than I can drive myself, so I make arrangements well ahead of time for my mom, stepdad, or friend to drive me. If I start feeling goofy I pull over and rest. I always leave extra time to get where I'm going so I don't feel rushed and stir up my adrenaline. I drive the speed limit mostly now so things aren't flying past in my peripheral vision and over stimulating me. And, I've given myself permission to be honest and say "I just can't safely drive today and plans are cancelled." That last one is probably easier for me since I don't have kids. Hope some of that helps. Will send some positive thoughts your way in hopes it helps you get through this life transition a little easier.

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