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Would You Like To Pose A Question To A Dinet Medical Advisor?


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We would love to pass on dysautonomia-related questions to our medical advisors. These questions and answers will be published in our next newsletter.

If you would like to submit a question, please READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. Start by doing the following:

- Do not ask for medical advice. Please don't ask for help for your specific situation. We cannot forward those questions to our medical advisors because they aren't your personal physicians. These questions put them at legal risk. We can forward questions that are about dysautonomia in general. For example, it would be acceptable to ask "Can menopause and hot flashes worsen POTS symptoms? Why or why not?," instead of "I am in menopause and have POTS. Do you think my hot flashes are making my POTS symptoms worse?" Please read the recent newsletter for examples of acceptable questions.

- Please submit your question with your first name and state of residence.

- Please submit your questions to janie@dinet.org

Occasionally, the doctors are unable to answer a question from one of our DINET members. You may not see your question answered. Thank you!

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