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HELP!!! I feel like I rolled in itching powder from my scalp to my toes. Any suggestions!!! I need some relief, NOW!!!! Thanks, Chrissy

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I have to take allegra. Benadryl is also helpful. Oatmeal baths soothe. Bur our problem is that deep down inside we are allergic. Mastocytosis. I look for trees or hair brushes. Don't recommend. I see a dermatilogist for this, also had a biopsy since the rash started on my breast and needed to rule out breast cancer. Found zillions of mast cells. Keep up on fluids too. And stay cool. Room temp!!!!

Miriam :D

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Guest Mary from OH

Sorry, I can't help, but when you find something out, let me know!! I have this problem too, it especially worsens at night! I find that changing my sheets sometimes helps. Also, taking a cool bath and shaving sometimes too...

I take Zyrtec everyday and use Nasonex too. I have severe allergies of MANY kinds. Many are anaphyllactic (sp?). I haven't even bothered with the drs with this one... The last time I saw a dermatologist years ago it was completely useless.

I guess I have partially contributed mine to my horrendous night sweats and some kind of a reaction or whatever to that. I don't know. Sorry that I probably made your situation more complicated. I guess I was just adding my experience.

But, if someone has any suggestions, I'm listening, too!! :)

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