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Dynamic Neural Retraining


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I have been researching Dynamic Neural Retraining since seeing mention of it on a Facebook POTS site. I found a thread going back to 2011 on here, but with little content.

DNR is a treatment system developed by Annie Hopper which focuses on retraining of the limbic system. I just wondered if anyone had tried the DVDs she offers or if anyone has had any success with her techniques?

Many thanks

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I borrowed the whole DVD-set from a friend (who used it for another issue).

I watched the introductory DVD and the first session - I personally am rather skeptical about the whole approach, to be honest, and in particular concerning dysautonomia/POTS.

However, as we all seem to have completely different underyling causes to our dysautonomia, I wouldn´t rule out in advance that it may help someone though.

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