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Episode/sporadic Hypertension And Autonomic Dysfunction

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Hi All,

I have been diagnosed (as of 2wks ago) with autonomic dysfunction due to microvascular cerebral disease at age 43, which has caused me to have a stroke/mini strokes.. my blood pressure has been normal . Therefore having a stroke was deeply disturbing. I will get occasional left eye ache, which can be felt by gently pressing my eye and headaches .I saw my eye doc for it and she felt my mild eye lid drooping may be causing the muscle ache.

I had my BP checked the last two times when l had this problem with my eye and it was elevated 160/110. Within few hours, my BP was back to its normal range of 108/70-120-82.for days now. Do any of you have this and if so how are you being treated in terms of your episode/sporadic BP. I see cardiologist in 3 wks. Thanks.

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Hi. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I do not have the same diagnosis, but I do have a form of EDS. Since you are young and have had a stroke, have you considered being evaluated for vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. There is a decent amount of comorbidity between autonomic dysfunction and EDS. If you want information about EDS, the different types, diagnosis, etc., www.ednf.org has many great resources.

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Hi, Margigold,

I am also very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. As far as I know there are some good medications for microvascular diseases (?).

May I ask which tests confirmed your diagnosis?

Wishing you all the best and a New Year with substantial improvement!!

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Thanks for all your advice and insight. I greatly appreciate this. I plan to check into the vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.This diagnosis was challenging. It was first thought that I had MS since MRI revealed an non-acute stroke along with white matter lesions. These lesions resembles MS but they are actually vascular damages to the blood vessels. I have mild cognitive impairment via testing due to this. I have a lot of MS symptoms which confused my docs because of the autonomic involvement and damage to the white matter of the brain.

I had all the extensive evaluation for MS and other conditions done. My CSF was negative which confirmed to my neuros that this was indeed vascular. I use a cane to walk due to right sided weakness and gait abnormality. My neuro-endocrinologist who diagnosed me with eh autonomic dysfunction picked this up ( the brain lesions and stroke was the cause of the autonomic dysfunction).

Happy New year to all of you. Wishing you a year of better health :)

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